Our Fablab EDP

EDP, through Labelec and EDP Inovação, implemented the Fablab concept in Portugal for the first time. Fablab EDP was recently created at Labelec, in Sacavém, and is the first Fablab opening in Portugal.

By belonging to a planetary Fablab net, our goal is to share knowledge and experiences with other Fablabs around the world, and with our example, to be a reference to other Fablabs across Portugal. 



At Fablab EDP we believe that innovation and creativity knows no bounds. Our aim is to encourage learning in the community, providing unique resources that can be used for developing projects and exploit ing new ideas, which can lead into business opportunities.

Fablab EDP is a project mainly directed to EDP employees, EDP University, the scientific community, inventors, students, start-up companies, and the wider community, offering a chance to turn their ideas into real products. Everybody is welcome no matter the background or experience!



We have an expert Fablab staff to support and assist the users, helping them to use the machines and to build the prototypes.
There will be open-lab days with free access to machines and to the Fablab space. You will be able to book the machines and/or the Fablab space, allowing you to develop projects with total freedom, without constraints of sharing with other users.

Download the international benchmarking study about Fablabs that we made when we started this project!



Last updated: 03/08/2011