Laser cutter

Epilog Mini 24 is an engraving and cutting laser machine.
This equipment works with a CO2 laser, and has a very accurate control of the input variables (position, power and laser frequency). 
Any vector design can be cut out by this machine. The file format that is used is "PDF".


Tutorials and instructions

For detailed instructions on Epilog Mini 24, please click here

This other tutorial was created by Fablabs Network, who we thank for providing us with this document.



Epilog Mini 24 software 


Windows Software (open-source):


File format for the Epilog Mini 24:



Click here to see the Software tutorial for this machine!

Also visit the page Software for free downloading of the open-source software for this machine, to train with this design tools at home!

This way you can bring your drawing in a suitable software and in a compatible file format for the Epilog Mini 24! 



Useful tips! 

This section will grow with the experience and contributions of all users of the Fablab EDP.

Here we want to provide you simple procedures for using the machines and some tips and tricks that you won't find in any manual!



Last updated: 31/08/2011